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Founded in 2019 by gaming industry veterans from Playtika, Rovio, PlayStudios and the film industry, we set out to create a billion-dollar company that delivers world-class, delightful games and has fun making them. We gathered a core team and soft launched our first title, Dice Dreams, within 6 months. Since then, the team has grown to include dozens of super-talented, dedicated and driven individuals, Dice Dreams has become a global hit, and our plans for the future make us even more excited.


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  • Strive for soul
  • Strive for soul

    Strive for soul

    We aim to create experiences that are not just beautiful, but memorable, sparking laughter, connection and competition among our players.

  • Data-driven, gut-guided

    Data-driven, gut-guided

    Data driven and numbers-obsessed, we never take our eyes off the prize, and challenge our assumptions every day.

  • Quality is king

    Quality is king

    We believe in creating products that we're proud of. We set player's expectations super high, and challenge ourselves to meet and exceed those expectations.